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For decades, hiring a videographer for your wedding was the norm. You wanted someone with high-quality equipment and experience to shoot every moment.

But times have changed. Anyone with a recent smart phone has a better video camera than most pros did 10 years ago. Because of this, everyone has become a videographer. We’re all experienced in capturing great moments through video because we do it every day.

When something funny or interesting happens, our first instinct is to pull out the camera and start shooting. Naturally, weddings are no different. But if everyone has an HD camera in their pocket, why hire an expensive videographer?

DreamItReel is transforming the way people capture and remember their wedding.

Here’s how it works – contact us and we’ll create a webpage customized for your wedding. Give your guests the link, tell them to take much video as they can, and upload it on the page.

From there, we’ll make the magic happen. One of our pro editors will craft a unique wedding video that tells the story of your special day through the eyes of the people that were there.

Our wedding videos are personal and have the ability to combine many different perspectives into one amazing keepsake.

Check out a recent example:


DreamItReel is here to save you money on your wedding and in the process create a one-of-a-kind video captured by your loved ones.

CONTACT US NOW to get started.

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