DreamItReel Announces Partnership with Getty Images

DreamItReel and Getty Images

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Getty Images. Now through DreamItReel, users will be able to easily leverage the world’s best video content at special, discounted pricing. You probably know Getty Images as the industry’s leading stock photo provider, but they also have one of the best stock video libraries in existence. Don’t believe […]

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How to Find Music for Your Online Video

DreamItReel Music Licensing

Music is important for the soul, but it’s also important for creative video products. Whether you’re creating a product/explainer video, building awareness around a brand or cause, or working on a personal project for fun, you’ll almost always need music to complement your visuals. But where do you find this music and what are laws […]

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Getting People to Watch Your Video


Here’s the scenario: you made a video and you know it’s awesome. But how can you make sure people will actually stop and watch? Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. But there are steps you can take to improve your chances of getting more eyeballs glued to your video. 1. Attention Grabbing Thumbnail The first thing […]

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“Our Story” or “How to Quit Your Job, Go All-In, and Disrupt an Industry”


Picture this: you’re 34 years old and you have a cushy job at a global management consulting firm. You’ve worked on major projects for American Express, Fortune Magazine, and JP Morgan, and your big paychecks afford you a sweet apartment in the heart of the West Village. What do you do next? Throw it all […]

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Introducing KeepItReel – our new web series!


We’re gearing up to launch a brand new video/podcast series all about the world of digital video. The goal of the show will be to highlight exciting people and companies making waves in online video industry. Check out “Episode 0” below where Tommy introduces you to KeepItReel! If you want to get involved, visit the […]

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Cinemagraphs: Where Photo and Video Collide


Remember portraits that moved and came alive in Harry Potter? Well that’s now a reality and you don’t need a magic want to make it happen. You may know about Apple’s “Live Photos” which capture a few seconds of video on either side of a picture you take. This creates a mini-video that provides more […]

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4 Awesome iPhone 7 Features for Video Creation


Being a video storyteller just got easier. Apple’s recent keynote unveiling of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices brought new features to the smartphone, including its camera. Here are 4 new features that make creating high quality productions better for amateurs and professionals alike. 1. Depth of Field The depth of field effect occurs […]

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If I’m not an internet company, do I need an internet video?


If you own a brick and mortar retail store, restaurant, service business – what does your online presence look like? Maybe you think you can just throw together a website, add a couple of photos and your address and be done with it. But think again. According to RetailNext, 72% of young shoppers research online […]

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4 Tips to Increase Video Engagement


Getting people to watch your video isn’t enough anymore. Now the goal is to get viewers to click, share, comment, or otherwise engage. Here are 4 tips you can consider when crafting your content to produce something that people will want to interact with. 1. Create Emotion If you can stir your audience’s feelings, they’ll […]

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The Annotated News Phenomenon


What is “annotated news”? Annotated news is our name for the hottest social media video trend. You’ve almost certainly seen these all over your feeds – videos and photos that use text captions (annotations) to add details. Here are a couple examples produced by DreamItReel: Why is it so popular? Annotated news is built for […]

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